Jay Whittaker | Executive Director

I have worked in the food service industry most of my adult life and have never seen recycling practiced. I had to ask myself - "Why not?". Restaurants and catering companies go through an astonishing amount of recyclable material.

After pondering this question for awhile, I realized that there is so much confusion around recycling that the fast paced food service industry doesn't have time to figure it out. So, I decided to go back to school and get my Associates of Science degree in Recycling and Resource Management.

I envisioned a plan that could take the guesswork out of recycling and make it easier for the food service industry to manage their waste responsibly. I know we can, not only serve great food, but also change the culture of waste in this country.

It is time to take responsibility

Recycle Right
A third party recycling certification program

Recycle Right is a third party certification program that will educate your BOH and FOH staff in correct recycling practices while working toward industry change to make recycling easier. Once your employees have taken the training and your company has made a commitment to recycle you will be certified as an official Recycle Right organization, and can proudly display our logo and join the growing movement of companies that are engaged in sustainability and the circular economy.